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The best Wimbledon-themed culinary creations

There are some things that are a such an essential part of the English summer that it would be difficult to imagine life without them. Hot, sunny weather is admittedly not one of those things so let’s just be extra grateful and keep our fingers crossed it continues! We’re talking of course about Wimbledon… strawberries […]

Our top ten tips for video interviews

As technology is becoming more and more important and useful in every organisation, the recruitment process is also changing the way it approaches interviews. Video interviews are the newest step in the recruitment process. There is no doubt this method speeds up the interview process, which is highly beneficial to employers, but for jobseekers, we […] profile: Concierge

As a concierge, you will most likely be working in a four or five star hotel. You will be expected to have knowledge on travel, local entertainment and restaurants. The guests will also come directly to you for information on the hotel and its services. Some of the daily activities of a concierge will include […]

Interview: Peter Bruce, CEO and founder of Entier Limited

Here at we are firm believers in putting personality first. We never underestimate the importance of getting the right person for the right job. We believe that nice guys can, and should, finish first. So imagine my excitement a few weeks ago at the JCI Scotland National Convention in Aberdeen, listening to Peter Bruce […]