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Bartender truths – The real story from behind the bar…

This one’s a shout out for anyone who’s worked behind a bar, you know the score. BARTENDER TRUTHS: Your colleagues are your work family, boundaries are instantly crossed and you keep each other sane when working into the early AM … Shake your tips! You may jingle when you walk, but you never run out […]

10 Best Answers to the 10 Most Difficult Interview Questions

Naturally interviews make us nervous. The thought of difficult interview questions, unknown surroundings, and the daunting possibility that your interviewer could be like Claude from the Apprentice can really toy with your imagination. Especially as all you really want is to get the job – not answer seemingly pointless questions like ‘what colour are you?’ […]

10 worst answers to the 10 most difficult interview questions

We’ve all had it – the dread that you’ll say the wrong thing under pressure, but what is the worst thing that you could actually say in response to those difficult interview questions? Whether you’re a total newbie on the interview scene, or if you class yourself as a bit of an expert (maybe not […]

The Ultimate Social Etiquette Guide to Photographing Food

If you are reading this then there’s a very high chance that you’ve taken a photo of your food or drink and uploaded it to share with the world. We’ve nearly all done it, although some may still be in denial, because let’s face it – when photographing food we’re still not entirely sure if […]