12 things you’ll relate to if you’ve ever been a waiter/waitress

Dancing waiter

1)Not being able to find one pen then 10 minutes later you have six in your pocket and three attached to your apron.

2)The rush of horror when you realise after 10 minutes you’ve forgotten to put someone’s order through because you had 239 things to do in your head at the time, and you’ve just found the check scrunched up in your front pocket. It’s happened to the best of us, don’t worry.
rush of horror

3)You’ve eaten/witnessed a colleague eat food off a customers plate after clearing the table. Please don’t judge if you’ve never worked as a waitress or a waiter –  the lady ordered an extra portion of chips, she’s eaten about 5 and there’s a few left, you haven’t eaten for a solid 8 hours of your 12 hour shift and they look pretty darn good. Bon appétit!

4)You don’t have a gym membership because why would you when you’re running around for 8+ hours a day? Any time not at work usually consists of sleeping, eating or drinking.

5)You have spilt a drink on a table, dropped it on the floor, knocked it over on a tray or worst of all… poured it on a customer. There’s literally nothing worse, and all you can do is pray that they have a sense of humor and laugh it off. If they’ve ever been a waiter/waitress themselves they’ll definitely sympathise with you. Mistakes happen.

6)When a chef tells you to ‘cheer up’ because you have a resting bitch face in the kitchen when you’re actually in a fabulous mood but you’re saving your genuine happy face for the customers. An entire shift of smiling can take its toll on your cheeks!

7)Taking soup out for starters and remembering on approach to the table you’ve forgotten to put soup spoons down -and waiting for the classic joke of ‘Are you testing me?!’ (whilst the customer is holding up their fork with a massive smile on their face, usually the oldest male on the table).

8)Standing at a table of 12 guests holding 3 extremely hot plates, which feel like they have been handed from Satan himself, burning your hands through the service cloth…‘Excuse me who’s having the fish and chips?’ – and the whole table looks at each other like you have just spoken in backwards Chinese. Finally after 3 a minute long discussion of who ordered the fish and chips the meals finally find their rightful owners. 3 down only 9 more to go.
2 plates

9)When a customer makes a funny comment but you’re not 100% sure what they just said. Plus you don’t have the time to ask them to repeat it, so you just hope it wasn’t a complaint and laugh and smile yourself away from the table.

10) Trying to serve someone their meal and they come out with ‘ You know I’ve forgotten what I’ve ordered haha!!’ Even though all they need to remember is their own starter and main and dessert, but you’ve managed to remember everyone’s order since 1 o’clock yesterday afternoon.
forced laugh

11)Thinking someone has finished eating and making your way to clear the table then doing an awkward dancing diversion because you see one of them pick up their cutlery again to eat their last lettuce leaf.
weird dance

12)When a big table think they are being helpful by stacking up their plates – whilst you spend a good few seconds thinking what you did wrong during their meal to deserve this punishment. (If you are not a waiter/waitress, please take note, never make a large stack of plates on your table, you may think you’re helping, but you’re really not. If you would like to help just remove your elbows off the table when someone is trying to clear your plate, it’ll make us love you much more.)
not helpful

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