5 Ways to Prove to Your Boss you Deserve a Pay Rise


5 Ways to prove to your boss you deserve a pay rise

If you really want a pay rise its best you follow these four ways, it is in your best interest to take on more responsibility around the kitchen as this is going to show your boss you are willing to work. If that does not work you can always find a different ways to help your boss out to get that all important pay rise.

  1. Growing your skills

If you want a pay rise it is going to be in your best interest to grow your skills! In your work place you are going to always need new skills so you may as well try to help yourself out. If you do this in your own time your boss might recognise this as being productive. You could do this by taking courses to help you as it is easy to do. They can be done online or you can go to a collage to do one, if you know it is going to help you it is certainly worth the time an effort it will take especially if you want to keep up with the top chefs!

  1. Help your boss out!

Helping your boss out in the kitchen is a very good way of showing them you want that pay rise, it is going to show them that you are willing to do anything for them that will be very helpful to your career in hospitality!! Some times they might not have anything to give to you but they will certainly remember you asked for when they are busy (this even includes doing the dishes!). If you really want that pay rise you will make sure you ask your boss when you know they are busy as they will definitely give you a task to do, this is then going to put you in a good situation where you can do the work to a good standard and get it done in good time.

  1. Set some personal goals

If you set yourself a few goals around the kitchen you are going to make sure you do them to prove to yourself and your boss what you are capable of doing, this is also going to show your boss that you want to have goals to work towards. In your business the boss might set some goals for you and your colleagues, this is then going to be the time where you can prove yourself by completing the goals within the time frame and to a good standard. This then could lead to the pay rise you have been looking for.

  1. Take on more responsibility

Taking on more responsibility in your work place is going to show initiative, to do this you could see if anyone of your colleagues needs help with frying up a food dish they have not yet mastered in the kitchen. This is then going to help them and is going to show your boss you are good at helping others and you don’t mind it taking other work as well as your own.

  1. Talk to your boss (have evidence)

If you really want that pay rise you could go to your boss with evidence about why you should get it, this is going to include what you have done for them and the company this might be by increasing sales or saving them money. If you know what you need to do and help your boss they will be able to see it. This is going to give your boss a reason for you to get the money you are deserved, as you will have worked for it and they are going to know the standard of work is not going to change. If not, it maybe time for you to find a new hospitality job!!

Following these steps and you’ll have no problem landing the chefs hat!

This was written by the jobs menu a leading source of tasty hospitality jobs.

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