Catering and Hospitality – The Old Romantic…

Hearts on coffee

Our Head of Happiness, Peter Hesford, has been blogging over on LinkedIn and it was too good not to share! So have a read and let us know what you think… 

Yesterday I spoke with two very good friends. Two very different friends…..

The first I met at LinkedIn, Dublin, and we keep in touch to this day via Whatsapp (how easy does technology make friendship and conversation? I hear you say). However, as I do not use Facebook we somehow missed one another when we both decided to visit Dubai at the same time just last week. I was gutted, we get on great and it would have been amazing to see her.

This made me think how difficult social media makes keeping in touch properly. Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…. The list goes on, and if you are not on all of them, then you are bound to miss something.

Then came the call from friend (and client) number two. A lady who has a passion for the Catering and Hospitality industry, and one who loves to meet face to face to discuss things in person. A lady who doesn’t like to miss a detail.

This lady I had met the previous week with the intention of having a one hour meet. Three hours later we had put our own worlds to rights. However, her call after was not what I was expecting: she was quitting her work place – immediately. Shocked face! Some words I had said face to face has resonated with her. The words were ‘If it’s not fun, then I won’t do it’. These words I would never have said over a Whatsapp message.

She thanked me. Told me she was to spend more time with her family. Give some time back to her own mind and spirit. She wanted to rejuvenate her soul. Wow.

Without meeting face to face my friend would have been left miserable. Her words, not mine.

The above is merely one example of a Catering and Hospitality friend/client wanting to meet face to face. The industry absolutely loves to meet for coffee. It loves to explore points in full. The Catering and Hospitality sector also likes to go through things at a pace where everyone is able to absorb everything, rather than being rushed and missing the detail.

1980s? Perhaps. Old school? Maybe. Backward? No.

I love LinkedIn and Twitter. WhatsApp is pretty mega too. Social media gives us the ability to be ‘in touch’ at any time, but it’s never quite the same as meeting face to face, whether is for friendship or to do a full fact-find.


The next time you share a story, or put up a new status intended for a particular person or group of friends, think, is it worth just knocking on their door? Is it worth arranging a meeting? How about a monumental night out?

Let’s use our legs and use our voices. Make an effort. It will only help you, and help others. Social media can be the first port of call, but make sure you keep in touch properly….

If you want to get in touch for a proper catch up then just drop us a line on and we’ll get that coffee in the diary!