Top 5 Hospitality CV tips

Love your job this valentines day

Employers spend roughly 20 seconds looking at each CV. That means you need to quickly grab their attention – and then keep it. So how do you manage it?

Here’s’s top five tips…

1 – Make it easy to read. If you’re speed reading a large number of CVs you will not pick up on information hidden in long paragraphs. Use clear headings, bullet points and cut out anything unnecessary.

2 – Tailor to your audience. This doesn’t necessarily mean creating a new CV for every position. It just means ensuring the CV you have it suitable for the roles you are applying for. Check for jargon, which areas of education/experience you highlight and that your personal statement is relevant to this role.

3 – Offer proof – people love statistics! Are you a fantastic salesperson? Then tell your future employer just how good – that might be total sales, a percentage increase or an award.

4 – Keep it updated. Particularly important of you’re not actively job seeking and just keeping an eye on what’s around. Every time you move jobs, get a promotion or achieve something notable, pop it on your CV. And – just as importantly – take something else off. The longer ago you held a job, the less detail in needs. The same goes for general education if you’re building up professional qualifications.

5 – Check it! It sounds obvious but you would be amazed how many CVs come in with typos, grammatical errors or dates that don’t match up. This is your first impression so put the effort into making it a good one!

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