Why Work in London?

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Why Work in London?

The Square Mile. The Capital. The Big Smoke. London has adopted numerous names and is well-known across the world for many things; fashion, the arts and media to name just a few. But over the past few decades, food has helped to put London firmly on the map of places to visit. And it’s not just for people who love to eat! London is the perfect place for any budding food connoisseurs to build their career, and let us tell you why.

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A (brief) history of London

London is an extraordinary city, dating way back to the Roman times. Having spent so many years as the UK’s industrial backbone (hence the moniker ‘The Big Smoke’) London is now considered to be one of the cultural capitals of the world and in 2012 it became the first city to host the modern summer Olympic Games three times. With attractions that are considered famous across the globe, from Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament to the Tate Modern and The Globe Theatre itself, it’s no wonder that people from all four corners of the world flock to this city.

There is no denying that London is a city that is teeming with different cultures, which makes it an extremely interesting place to live. It is estimated that 8.6 million people live in London, and collectively all those people speak 300 different languages. This diversity combines to give London the kind of life and vibrancy that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Away from the glorious culture of the city, London is one of the biggest financial centres in Europe and, thanks to the huge population, thriving businesses and hundreds of tourists that visit every week, there are only going to be more opportunities opening up.


So… What about the food?

If you’re a foodie living in London, or even a foodie just visiting London, it’s likely that you’ll think you have been transported straight to heaven; if heaven was lined with quirky independent eateries and as many cafes as you can imagine. From seafood delights, luxury tapas and artful sushi, to frozen yoghurt, cereal and even a cheese toastie cafe, there really is something for everyone in amongst the hustle and bustle of London.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the glorious world of fine dining, then you’re in luck as London is home to two of the UK’s four Three-Michelin-Starred restaurants. So no matter what your food love is, or where your culinary passions lie, there certainly is something for everyone in good old London town.


Why London?

As one of the most famous cities in the world, most exciting new trends tend to start in the capital before reaching other parts of the UK – this means there’s no shortage of demand for hospitality jobs in London. One such example is the beautifully quirky itsu. Founded in London in 1997, itsu combines scrummy Asian food with speedy dining to create a wonderful atmosphere where passing patrons can enjoy a quick sushi or a healthy salad whilst on-the-go with friends, so if there’s one thing itsu knows about, it’s setting up an unusual eatery in the middle of London.


Is it just restaurants?

Of course not! If there’s one other thing that London is known for, it’s the nightlife. Londoners are well versed when it comes to partying ‘til the sun comes up and that means bars are always on the lookout for talented cocktail makers. If you know how to make a Cosmopolitan off by heart, then London just might be your scene, and so you should check out places like The Alchemist and Revolution.

If you’re looking for something a little different then you’re in the right place. Absolute Taste was founded in our capital city in 1997 and is a high-class catering company that has catered for some extremely prestigious events, and lives to combine great tasting food with the classic home-cooked feel.


A final word…

We hope we have convinced you that London is one the best places to work if you’re looking to make waves in the culinary industry – there’s no shortage of hospitality jobs, that’s for sure. If you’ve already fallen in love with a particular cuisine then there’s plenty to help you fulfil your ambitions and even if you haven’t, you will be surrounded by plenty to tickle your taste buds.

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