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If you already have experience of working in a kitchen, and are looking to move up the ladder, then a Sous Chef role could be the perfect fit for you. And here at, we have plenty of jobs for you to browse through, giving you everything you need to kick-start your new career.

A Sous Chef plays an incredibly important role in the workings of a professional kitchen; they are responsible for training new recruits and supervising chefs, along with food presentation and ensuring that only the highest quality food leaves the kitchen and is served to the customers – there’s certainly plenty to keep you busy!

And as it happens, there are a plethora of Sous Chef opportunities for you to sink your teeth into here at

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The UK average wage of a sous chef is somewhere between £23,000 and £26,000. This can depend on where you are working. High-profile or Michelin star restaurants will pay significantly over this.

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