profile: Concierge


As a concierge, you will most likely be working in a four or five star hotel. You will be expected to have knowledge on travel, local entertainment and restaurants. The guests will also come directly to you for information on the hotel and its services.

Some of the daily activities of a concierge will include booking tickets for theatre and concerts, recommending good places to eat, and arranging travel for guests.

As a concierge, you must be a great communicator with excellent customer service skills. You are the key point of contact for guests and directly reflect the service offered by your hotel. It is also important to be organised, as expected in most job roles!

There are no qualifications on this area of work in the UK, as there are in countries like Canada and the USA. Most concierges will start in low profile job roles such as page boys and luggage porters, and work their way up from there.

The general salary of a concierge will be around £19,000, depending on the size of the hotel and the profile. Of course, this salary can be much higher depending on where it is you are working!