10 worst answers to the 10 most difficult interview questions

Some of the best answers to the most difficult interview questions.

We’ve all had it – the dread that you’ll say the wrong thing under pressure, but what is the worst thing that you could actually say in response to those difficult interview questions?

Whether you’re a total newbie on the interview scene, or if you class yourself as a bit of an expert (maybe not for the right reasons) – here’s the Fairy Job Mothers guide on how not to answer these tedious interview questions.

What did you like the least about your last employer?
I’m going to say his breath.  He used to drink a lot of coffee on a long shift, and that mixed with the smell of cigarettes is not what you need on a Saturday night in a hot kitchen. You know what I mean???

Tell me about a time when you made a mistake at work?
The word mistake is not in my vocabulary. I don’t like this question.

What sets you apart from other applicants?
I’ve learnt to Twerk really well. I’ll show you…

What has been the biggest disappointment of your life?
Probably not getting to where I want in my career and having to apply for jobs like these…

How do you know you will stay with us?
I can put my hand on my heart and promise you that I’ve never left a job voluntarily. If you take me on and don’t sack me I’ll probably stay here forever…

Are you over qualified for this job?
Yes. But you’re offering more money and I slept with my boss at the Christmas party.

Tell me about yourself…
Wow ohhhhhh wow. Let’s just say I work hard but I play so much harder.  I’m a bit of a party animal you see and last Thursday I went out, started on the vodka lemonade as you do. Had a few cheeky jaeger bombs and moved on to the tequila, it was getting pretty crazy, must of done of around 11 shots and then all of a sudden I was dancing and I wet myself?! Crazy I know! Enough about me tell me about you…

What’s your biggest weakness?
Hmm great question! When I was younger I fell off my skateboard and fractured my knee, now it always gives way when I stand up for a long time, yes definitely that.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I don’t see myself anywhere in 5 years, who do you think I am Mystic Meg? I don’t believe in fortune telling or any of that old tripe. It’s a little bit unprofessional to ask me that don’t you think.

Bring in an item to the interview and tell us how it best describes you…
*Slips empty bottle of Vodka out of inner jacket pocket and places on desk in a drunken state * – I like to party!

Now we know (hope) these are exaggerated scenarios but we’re just confirming what not to do in an interview situation. Keep your eyes out for ‘10 top answers to the 10 most difficult questions’ coming from The Jobs Menu very soon.

If you do have an interview coming up and there are any questions that you are dreading – or need a little help with – contact the Fairy Job Mother via The Jobs Menu Facebook or Twitter account and I’ll work on a perfect answer for you.

Signing off for now,

TJM Fairy Job Mother
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