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ASK Italian the winner for ‘Best Italian Restaurant’ at the Italian Food Association Awards has secured its position in the UK’s mass market for casual dining. With 120 various locations across the UK reaching around 6 Million customers each year this Italian giant definitely has found a way to the consumer’s heart once again. There’s no wonder it has been such a hit with the general public after its refreshing facelift, offering the best of authentic Italian food with fantastic value for money at the highest quality.


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In 2010 Theo Randall joined the restaurant chain as their ‘expert friend’, creating dishes and developing menus combined with his Italian spirit, it was important that his passion for Italian food came across in the service and the product itself. In June 2015 Theo took his relationship further with the company by becoming an investor.  Since the success of adding Theo Randall into the mix ASK has now created its own profile for their ‘expert friends’ where customers can find out who their main suppliers are and why they have chosen them. Also on board Carla Capalbo, to help provide an ‘Italian Education’ for all staff. This includes master classes, wine tasting and trips to Italy to make sure that all team members are aware of the company’s goals and Italian values!

The business is very similar to a fiery Italian family, large, loud and loving. The ASK family want to share their ambition for an all Italian experience from the moment the customer walks through the door to the moment they leave. To help achieve their Italian dream and to keep their juices flowing ASK continues with training throughout their career journey however far chefs or front of house staff would like to go with the company. Strong believers of progression through the workplace ASK works to support all roles from general Team Members all the way up to Operations Mangers. Promotion through the business is a key belief of there’s and they encourage this process from the employees very first day setting key goals to help kitchen members and front of house strive to success. ASK standby their values of caring deeply, communicating frequently and working together to be the best.

If you share the desire to serve great quality authentic food in fun, fresh surroundings then why not become part of the family? Apply today with The Jobs Menu.

Check out our Ask Italian Jobs here.