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The ASK Factor Career

ASK Italian the winner for ‘Best Italian Restaurant’ at the Italian Food Association Awards has secured its position in the UK’s mass market for casual dining. With 120 various locations across the UK reaching around 6 Million customers each year this Italian giant definitely has found a way to the consumer’s heart once again. There’s […]

The best Wimbledon-themed culinary creations

There are some things that are a such an essential part of the English summer that it would be difficult to imagine life without them. Hot, sunny weather is admittedly not one of those things so let’s just be extra grateful and keep our fingers crossed it continues! We’re talking of course about Wimbledon… strawberries […]

Should You Leave a Tip in Nando’s? | Fast Casual Etiquette

“Keep the change.” A phrase often muttered by people across Britain when paying a £9.80 cab fare with a £10 note as we scramble to exit rather than wait for 20p change. Tipping is something that the British, as a whole, have never really mastered. Certainly there are unwritten expectations, but unlike some countries, we […]

Fad or Fab? Has your menu got staying power?

Nowadays trends aren’t just limited to the Parisian catwalks. They can pop up in any place at any time, including restaurants. Thanks to social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, and the arrival of the foodie, food trends can appear overnight and spread like wildfire through the Internet. Some of the biggest food trends […]

Has the world had enough of Food Challenges?

We all view food differently. For some of us, it is a necessary chore, something we need to do to stay alive. Others are adventurous and love to try new delicacies. And then there are those who see it as their mission in life to conquer food, to try the biggest portions they can find […]