15 Promotable Looks (For the Late & Jaded)

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Why is it harder to keep a fresh look in catering & hospitality? From the influence of gravity on makeup and pretty hairstyles, to the practicality of loose clothes and low heels, generally not giving a fork about any of it is inevitable after a while. After all, the creative energy assigned to a new hairstyle every day has its limits.


So Why Bother?

Looking tired or ungroomed all the time can imply to an employer of an over-zealous social life or a lack of motivation. The truth is, the saying ‘dress for the jobs you want, not the job you have’, is especially true in the hospitality and catering industry. Appearances unfortunately are part of the game, so to get promoted, you must look promotable, and this is why:

Looking Good in Work (according to psychological research)

  • Increases customer trust
  • Influences your boss’s judgement about your competence and professionalism
  • Makes you appear more hygienic around the kitchen!
  • Boosts motivation within your day to day role
  • Increases confidence and people skills

Is There an Easy Way?


Well, we can certainly point you to some time saving tips by asking actual human-people who’s own techniques have worked for them day-to-day:

“If you look knackered, check if it’s because of a red looking waterline because you can pencil-over that. And don’t fight your bags too hard – turn it into a smoky eye and pretend it’s the makeup, (not the fact that you’re slowly dying!)” Becky (Barista)


“Este Lauder double-wear foundation lasts forever, we all use it here” Bethan (Kitchen Manager)


“I’m guilty of using hairspray on my face to keep my makeup on… once it looked so perfect the next morning I just kept it on…” Nikki (Barmaid)

“I back-comb my roots even when I’m doing a ponytail so my hair looks less…stuck to my head and more ‘special’. Also, ponytail just the crown of your hair first, then go over it with the rest of your hair and a second bobble – it’ll ‘pop’ like you have more hair and it stays in all day!”  Jessica (Waitress)


“Sleep in plaits if you want a lie in! But only when you’re single…” Kate (Chef de Partie)


“When I’m lazy, I use that eye sparkle dust from Barry M, in a subtle skin colour because it instantly looks like you’ve tried that day, but not too much.” Claire (Waitress)


“Dont worry about learning all the fancy braids out at the moment – sometimes a tiny little plait at the side can go a long way.”  Pam (Hotel Receptionist)


“Finishing powder is the best thing to do to make your makeup last” Alex (Restaurant Manager)


“Put orange under your eyes before your concealer – it hides the dark circles better. Oh and dry-shampoo is the best product in the world.” Liz (Hotel Manager)

“Tong the very ends when your late, it looks just like a blow-dry” Hayley (Hotel Housekeeping)

“I need a very heavy moisturiser and my makeup doesn’t stick to if I put it on straight on afterwards… so what I do is leave earlier, drive to work with a thick layer of moisturiser on and let it soak in on the drive to work. I then put my foundation on in the car outside work. It’s good because if you’re late leaving you can judge how quick to do your makeup in order to clock in on time.”  Helen (Barista)

“I have straight hair but when I don’t have time to blow dry it smoothly my ends can look really tatty. I rely on hair oil to neaten it up” Laura (Waitress)

“Take your time finding an expensive ’24hour’ lipgloss… collect a few tester streaks on your hand and carry on shopping, the difference in wear will be very obvious after a few hours” Lauren (Chef)

“For me, cheap Rimmel makeup is stepping up their game with staying power, especially the ‘kate’ lippy and the long lasting gloss. Give them a go before you spend a wedge!” Tara (Barmaid)

“Match your foundation to the exact skin colour, then only put it on the patches that are red. It looks natural and you don’t waste makeup” Roisin (Barista)

Thanks M’dears!

Remember, If you are having an unfortunate grooming day, remember to rock it with a smile and all will be forgiven!

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