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If you’re in a customer facing role in the hospitality industry, then the reality is that you’ll need to look presentable. This adds an extra element of stress to getting out of the house on time for your shift. And unless you’ve been blessed with the follicular genetics of a Victoria Secret model, the chances are that your just out of bed hair explosion is going to need taming somewhat before you leave the house.

So this week we’ve been looking at some quick fixes on how to look good for work – fast. Today we’ve been speaking to Laura at Vanity Box in Formby to get a beauty professional’s take on the best beauty tips and tricks to get you into work with the minimum of fuss.


Hiya Laura, can you recommend any low maintenance hairstyles?

I’d say wanding your hair is probably the quickest way to look groomed and glamorous. If you need to tie your hair back at work, then stick it in a high pony and just wand the ends so you have  a lot less hair to sort out.


Would it be simpler just to go for the chop – and cut it short?

The whole thing that short haircuts are low maintenance is a myth; when it’s short you can’t go out the door without doing your hair – if you have short hair you’ve got to do it every day.


The best thing anyone can do is get a weekly wash and blow-dry. For the rest of the week all you need to do is brush it through in the morning and it’ll hold its shape.


Can you really not wash it all week?

The more you wash it the more you need to wash it – nobody should be washing their hair every day. If it gets a bit greasy by the end of the week then just put some dry shampoo in at the roots. With a blowdry you’re lifting your hair away from your roots and so it won’t get as greasy anyway.


But mine does! It goes greasy after one day…

What you can do then is use a microdermabrasion hair treatment to break the cycle, it’s like a facial for your scalp – it unblocks all the pores which stops the overproduction of your natural oils. It’ll save you loads of time drying your hair everyday, and your hair will thank you for it.


Beauty in the Workplace

What other low maintenance tips can you give us?

If you want more time between salon trips, get highlights instead of full colour. Full colour regrowth takes 4-5 weeks, but highlights are 6-8 weeks. Eyebrows also last longer the more you get them done because they absorb the colour over time. Leg wax is similar, the more beauty visits you have the longer time you can leave between them.


Which treatments are the most popular with the busy girls?

Generally beauty treatments you can see instantly get prioritised, such as root re-growth, eyebrow wax/tint and nails. If you go into work with chipped nails and your eyebrows messy it’s just not a professional look

Beauty in Hospitality and catering


Do you have a ‘typical’ customer?

Not at all, our clientele is so varied and most of our customers are really busy. A lot of people bring their laptops in, the 45 mins with colour on it’s great time to do work, especially if you have kids. We also get a lot of shift workers, especially girls who work nights as they can come in on weekdays.


Are there advantages of going to a beauty salon when it’s a lot quicker to DIY it?

Actually, it simply doesn’t save time; in a beauty salon you don’t have to clean up after yourself, you just walk in and walk out.


Obviously in a salon it takes 40 mins to develop just like at home, but you can multi-task in a salon to get all of the other beauty stuff sorted like nails and eyebrow tint etc. This is especially helpful for people who choose gel nail polish because they won’t have to think about them again for another week or two.


Also there’s a reason why salon never use the DIY box dyes you get over the counter, they’re just never as good and the colour varies from the pictures.The same goes for brow dyes, the off the shelf ones don’t necessarily go dark enough and they can struggle to cover greys.


Are DIY facials good for saving time?

If you’re going to do your own facial I’d recommend taking the time to carefully make your own with proper ingredients, but make sure you do your research first! Some of the cheaper off the shelf facial can use lanolin as an emulsifier which can actually block the pores. Lanolin can also be found in cheap makeup too. But then a facial is an experience not just a beauty treatment. If people come for a face mask or massage, they coming to improve their skin but also for the relaxing element, they’re paying for an enjoyable experience.


Usually though, you see busy clients usually drop professional facials first because they’re not an essential, unless you’ve had a particularly hard day of course!


Thanks Laura!

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