ASK Italian

ASK Italian love Italy with a 100% Italian wine list and a passata di pomodoro to be proud of. Their restaurant uses the best ingredients sourced from authentic Italian local producers. Working for ASK Italian would result in a career with a warm and natural team who are passionate about the ASK Italian experience.

At ASK Italian we're different. Completely different. That's why we choose people to join us who share our cuore (heart) and spirito (soul).

We look for people like you. People who care as passionately as we do about creating amazing dishes, from the freshest food, and serving it to our customers with genuine style. People who have plenty of drive, personalita (personality), ambition and potential.

If you've got all that, we'll give you an amazing Italian Education and support you through an award winning career development programme called The ASK Italian Journey. These will help you fulfil your potential and make your career your own.

If you're looking for somewhere that will give you the chance to create your own success story - you've found it at ASK Italian.

We believe in empowering our people to be the very best that they can be. And, we understand that success takes many forms. So, whatever your ambitions, as long as you're passionate about people, food and all things Italian - we'll work with you to achieve them.