ASK Italian

ASK Italian reward the fabulous contribution of their team and will support your career journey with exceptional training. The ASK Italian Journey is a structured training scheme which promotes continuous development to suit your career aspirations. You can set your own pace to gain career recognition in the areas that interest you.

Some people are hugely ambitious and want to keep on climbing the career ladder. Others are happy to reach a certain level and be the best they can be. And, that's absolutely fine by us. Because we think it's only natural for everyone to have different motivations and priorities in life.

Which is exactly why we've created our career development programme - The ASK Italian Journey. A clear framework of learning and development it helps you to map out the potential career path ahead of you - whatever your role or skill set. It's very much driven by you, with lots of support from us.

The ASK Italian Journey puts continuous learning and development at the heart of our culture. It gives real clarity around exactly what responsibilities, knowledge and skills are required for each role, AND what additional responsibilities, knowledge and skills you need in order to take the next step upwards or sideways.

Through regular Person Development Plan (PDP) chats with your line manager and structured 'development days', you'll discover areas of strength, areas you need to improve and any career development opportunities you might like to pursue.

All the different training modules are on our Intranet and you can download and work through each of them whenever you want to. Once you've got all the skills and knowledge needed for your role, you will graduate at a ceremony conducted by your manager's manager (the Grandfather principle). To recognise your achievement, you'll get a certificate, and if you're a Chef, you'll get stars for your hat while Team Members receive pins for their aprons.

Inclusive and supportive, The ASK Italian Journey genuinely gives everyone career options and lets you set the pace and direction for your career growth. At ASK Italian you really can develop as far and as fast as you choose.