Bel & The Dragon

A creative process

"Building a business is a little bit like climbing a staircase. It still vital for us to raise our standards every day. In addition, we intend to go forth and multiply…”  - Joel Cadbury, Chairman

Business entrepreneurs and Longshot Ltd Founders, Joel Cadbury & Ollie Vigors, acquired Bel & The Dragon out of administration in 2010. A group of four beautiful buildings located in Cookham, Godalming, Reading & Windsor had been neglected and they saw an opportunity to bring them back to life and build on great foundations. In the last three years, a further three sites have been added to the group in the picturesque villages of Churt, Odiham & Kingsclere, and all seven are within an hour’s drive of London. Further openings and developments to the existing sites are on the horizon. 

Each Bel & The Dragon has its own unique history & heritage. Whilst the physical premises are different, many aspects are familiar. This is predominantly down to the signage, menus, fixtures, fittings & other branded items, which are replicated throughout all of the County Inns. Whether joining for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner or spending the night Bel & The Dragon hope to make people feel at home, creating experiences where passion & purpose come together.