Brunning and Price

Meet one of the team….

Natalie Shaw, General Manager at The Architect, Brunning and Price

How long have you worked for Brunning and Price?

I've worked for the company for 12 years.

I started working as a casual at the Corn Mill when I was 16. Throughout GCSE's A levels and my University degree in business management I continued to work at various Brunning and Price pubs as a casual member of staff. Sutton Hall, the Cross Foxes and the Corn Mill depending on who would have me! After my degree I returned to live at home and worked for the summer at the Cross Foxes, from here I got asked to visit our HR department for a catch up and got offered a roving assistant managers position.

After 10 months on the 'roving circuit' I went back to the Cross Foxes as Assistant Manager. After another 10 months I helped open Little Manor as Assistant Manager before being made a Deputy there.

From Little Manor I went to work at Glasfryn as Deputy for around 18months, before helping open the Hayhurst Arms in January this year as Deputy Manager. In May of this year I was made  Acting Manager of the Architect in Chester before being offered the position permanently!

What is a typical day?

A typical day at work starts at 8am getting the pub ready for our brunch customers, we get the menu from the chef and print enough for the day before starting lunch service from 12. A busy lunch might run until 2.30pm or 3pm when I then get chance to sit and have something to eat and a break before the rush starts again at around six. The Architect is a popular pub and most days are busy ones with lots going on, we start to wind down at around 10pm when I have a catch up with chef to chat about how the day has gone and have a check around the kitchen. Then it's time to finish the end of day and get the pub clean and tidy ready for the morning!

What are the best things about your job?

The five best things about my job are that…

1 - No two days are alike, something interesting always happens.

2 - Customer interaction, I get to welcome people from all walks of life to the pub and look after them while they relax and enjoy themselves.

3 - I can take pride in knowing we serve great food and drink.

4 - I genuinely learn something new every day.

5 - I have a team of people around me to help support and guide me through all aspects of my job big and small.

In five years time I hope to still be working for Brunning and Price, I would love to move into operations and help up and coming new mangers, like I am now.

What’s your favourite dish?

My favourite dishes at the Architect at the moment would have to be our Pate starter, Seabass with linguine and yellow courgettes for main, and Black currant and hazelnut tart for pudding.

What do you do outside of work?

Outside of work I spend all my time with family and friends. I like to cook, going to the cinema, I read a lot of fiction books, and enjoy swimming.


Benefits of working for Brunning and Price

  • The ability to follow a proper full-time professional career or work part-time, or work casually when it suits you - many of our staff have started working for us on a part time basis, and then gone on to build full-time careers with us.
  • The opportunity to run a substantial business.  The role is very hands-on and extremely varied encompassing people management, food and drink, customer service, pub maintenance and day to day financial administration.  Senior crew are encouraged to be proprietorial and entrepreneurial, to really make the pub their own and take ownership of the control of the business.  They  have responsibility for developing menus with their chef team, selecting their own wines and beers, finding many of their own suppliers and negotiating prices.
  • Plenty of support available from the central Head Office team when the need arises.
  • Online training system that provides short interactive and animated courses, accessible by all employees.  This is supplemented by a personal development scheme which provides a structured programme of training for everyone. This programme is supported by external courses which, depending on your, role can include Cellar Management, The Wine and Spirit Education Trust Awards, Health and Safety and Food Safety to name but a few.
  • A Management Development Scheme which compliments existing skills and talents to help people grow and develop.  The scheme includes training on a range of management skills such as leadership, time management, goal setting, communication, people management.
  • The opportunity for experienced managers throughout the business to help with mentoring in specific areas where needed.
  • With particular regard to chef recruitment, the opportunity for people who are entering the industry to combine work with formal study to gain professional qualifications.
  • The opportunity to attend supplier visits or participate in menu development sessions carried out in our fully equipped training kitchens.
  • Participation in the odd extra curricular activity including wine and beer tastings and trade show visits.
  • Salary package made up of a fixed basic salary together with a percentage cut of the profits paid monthly enabling senior crew to directly benefit and reap the rewards of their efforts.
  • A good work life balance.  We strongly believe that working hours should not be excessive and days off are important so that you can take time out and come back feeling invigorated with your batteries recharged.  Of course we’re in the hospitality business and our pub restaurants are busy places that are open 365 days a year but our rotas are created to enable you to plan your time off outside of working hours.
  • A recruitment incentive scheme for introducing new people to our business.  We find that the informal network of friends and contacts is often more successful than using the more conventional route of agencies or advertising and so we have a recruitment incentive scheme which rewards people with up to £1,000 (depending on the role) if they introduce new crew members to us.