About inamo



Famed for being the first to bring interactive ordering systems to the tables of diners, alongside customisable projected table-cloths and other exciting interactive content, inamo’s aim is to immerse guests in a beautifully designed world of captivating technology and interactivity whilst serving high quality pan-Asian cuisine.

Guests take complete control of their dining experience using sleek tablets and interactive projections beamed onto their table surfaces. Order your meal, choose your virtual tablecloth, view the chefs at work on ‘chef cam’, play games, and much more.

inamo continues to bring new and improved technology to the tables of those dining, and new features will be launched over the coming months; the ability to instantly rate your dishes, new animated virtual tablecloths, engaging games, and even new modes of interaction. For both adults & younger guests the table experience at  inamo is unlike anywhere else in London or beyond.

Serving high quality pan-Asian cuisine drawing inspiration from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, and beyond, the menu centres around sharing plates. From fresh fish & sushi dishes including Ponzu Salmon Ceviche, and Tuna & Tempura Prawn Maki; to succulent meat dishes such as Korean Lamb or Hot Stone Rib-Eye; to a host of vegetable dishes and sides, including Rainbow Maki, Spicy Edamame, and Kimchi; inamo’s food is as much of a talking point as the technology that surrounds it.