Our History

Loungers was founded in 2002 by a trio of longstanding friends.

Having spent years working in the restaurant and bar trade, not to mention just about as much time propping up the bars of Bristol and far beyond (all in the name of research of course), these happy-go-lucky chaps decided it was time to do their own thing.

Our motivation was simple and very selfish; we wanted somewhere decent to drink ourselves. We weren’t too fussed about serving food (that was the happiest of accidents as it turns out) we just wanted something quite small where we could hang out & which Dave would run.

An empty optician’s on North Street, Bedminster seemed to fit the bill. It had the necessary planning consent, was just about big enough and was in reasonable condition. The ‘shell’ included an area earmarked as a kitchen & included kitchen extraction so we accepted that we’d be doing a bit of food and after a few months of sort-of-not-knowing-what-we-were-doing Lounge opened on Tuesday 29th August 2002.

We liked it a lot and, so it seemed, did lots of other people. We pondered about whether we should look to do another one, maybe on Gloucester Rd and in what was an absurdly short space of time we opened our 2nd Lounge (called Tinto) & we’ve been busy spreading the Loungers love ever since…