Pizza Hut Restaurants - Team Members

Our story 

So once upon a pizza, there were these two brothers: Frank and Dan Carney who lived in Wichita, Kansas.

As they wandered through town, they noticed a distinct lack of anything yummy. So they built a small, 25-seat restaurant. That mushroomed, as these things do, into more than  13,000 restaurants across 87 countries. In the UK, Pizza Hut Restaurants  employs over 8,000 people in over 300 restaurants. So you could say it’s gone rather well. If you have the brains, heart and courage, you can achieve great things at Pizza Hut too. (You see? Kansas? Wizard of Oz? Ahem, OK.) 

Bet you didn’t know we did this…

You might assume we spend our days thinking about pizza, laden with melting cheese. And you’d be righ-… Actually no you wouldn’t be right. On the occasions that we snap out of our pizza daydreams, we turn our attentions to those less fortunate. Every year, we nominate a charity, by popping suggestions into a glittering ‘Voting Carousel’ (ok, Tupperware box). The winning charity will have our support for the entire year. In the past, we’ve dressed up as rock stars and held Bokwa events. (Where you draw letters with your feet while exercising?) One employee even did ten marathons in ten days! (The rest of us watched. With cake.)