About Rossopomodoro

About us

Rossopomodoro is proudly Neapolitan. The city of Naples in Southern Italy is in our blood and its character influences everything we do. We share our passion for our provenance through our food and the people who make it, and in the style of our restaurants. 

Our seasonally changing menu is full of Neapolian specialities, with pizza taking pride of place. We make pizza the traditional way with slow-rising dough baked in a wood-fired brick oven at 500c. The intense heat produces pizza with a distinctive style – a raised, soft crust and a moist, juicy heart.

We source our produce from the Napoli region because we believe it to be the best. Our Buffalo Mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, Extra Virgin olive oil... you name it... it’s all delivered by suppliers from our home region. Our loyalty to only authentic ingredients gives our food real character and flavour: a genuine taste of Napoli.

Our people too are Neapolitan: expert pizza makers and skilled chefs hand-picked from Napoli’s finest. Their passion for preserving the true values of Neapolitan cuisine and culture shines through the food they create.