Seafood Pub Company

Company History

Founded by Joycelyn Neve in 2010, with a vision to serve the produce she’d grown up with but in a pub environment – the best quality ingredients in relaxed and accessible way. Part of the Neve family with roots in the fishing industry going back generations, Joycelyn’s father Chris Neve uses his unrivalled experience to source the finest quality produce from sea and shore. Behind the scenes is Executive Chef Antony Shirley who has over 18 years’ experience of producing quality creative dishes from the very best produce. Outstanding surroundings are delivered by Executive Chairman Andrew McLean who takes care of the developments, his wealth of experience gives all the venues their individual looks and wow factor. A passionate and committed team throughout means the Seafood Pub Company offers a unique dining experience at venues across the North West.

Joycelyn Neve – Managing Director

Joycelyn studied geography at Liverpool University with plans to become a commodity analyst advising investment companies. But having grown up around catering the food industry was something which couldn’t be walked away from. Working for a London based events company and restaurants and bars in Manchester followed by six months studying the coastal food industry in South America, her passion for the highest quality food backed by distinctive service led to the creation of the Seafood Pub Company in 2010. Now in 2015 with 7 sites and a reputation built on the original key values of quality ingredients, informal service and sites all with their own personality the goal is continued growth into different locations adding bedrooms and banqueting facilities. After various regional and national awards for the Seafood Pub Company, Joycelyn was listed in the 2014 NRB Top 50 most influential people in hospitality and catering, was named Lancashire Life’s Food Hero 2015 and is a non-executive director of the BII sitting on the board of the Academy of Food and Wine Service.

Chris Neve – The CodFather

Chris Neve’s own 40 years of experience began shortly after his father, a former trawlerman himself, left the Navy to return to the fishing industry. From 1968 their buying and selling at the Fleetwood fish auction grew into a wholesale door-to-door delivery service. Chris’s commitment to quality meant the business developed rapidly into a trusted wholesale supply business that operated its own fleet of four trawlers, processing plants and 16 vans delivering to more than 500 trade customers in the UK, Holland and Spain. At its height the award-winning business employed 85 people on shore and 15 fisherman.

Antony Shirley – Executive Chef

The third corner of the ‘Seafood Pub Company’ triangle is executive chef Antony Shirley – former sous chef at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, head chef at Panacea in Manchester and at Raffles in the West Indies. He was instrumental in setting up and opening the first Piccolinos restaurant and later served as their UK development chef. Now Antony’s creative dishes are the star of the show at the Seafood Pub Company.

Andrew McLean – Executive Chariman

A specialist in the acquisition and development of hospitality sites, Andrew founded the Devonshire Pub Company in 1991. He built up the bar and restaurant company from 25 freehold sites to 120 tenanted and freehold retail sites. Andrew was also the founder of Individual Inns, acquiring flagship sites and advising on the purchase of new sites. As Executive Chairman of the Seafood Pub Company, Andrew has a project management role, offering financial and management support. Andrew has been instrumental in our recent acquisitions and is always on the lookout for our next venture.