TGI Fridays

The Legend of Fridays

There's more to us than big bold flavors and dazzling smiles. In every T.G.I. Fridays®, there's a reason behind pretty much everything you see.


NSO coach Dan Root, kitchen shift leader at the Lakeside, trained new starters at launches in Norwich, Braintree, Manchester, Liverpool and Gloucester last year, working at each for five weeks. “I get a real buzz out of training a whole brand new team from day one,” he says of the recruits with no kitchen experience, who by the final week have become competent line chefs.

A job at TGI Fridays is good for personal growth, say 80% of our team, and 79% say they love working for the brand.

Emma Carmichael, general manager of TGI Fridays in Poole, Dorset, says Fridays people always hit it off. “We all think the same things, we all work in the same way. It doesn’t matter who you’re with or whether you’ve met them before you just kind of click with them straight away,” says the forensic science graduate who started as a part-time dub-dub (that’s what we call our waiters) while at university. Although she graduated with a first, she was “drawn in” to the Fridays culture, she says. She won Regional General Manager of the year 2014.